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The event and cultural management course | Bachelor.

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. The legendary Woodstock Music Festival was essentially a financial failure for the organizers?. The famous Vienna Opera Ball goes back to the time of your Vienna Congress in 1815, when artists in the court opera organized dance events after political consultations?. The finale of your US football season, the so-called Super Bowl, is considered capstone nursing an individual sport event with one of many highest reach worldwide?

Structure and content material in the Bachelor’s degree in Occasion and Culture Management

Pure event management goes beyond the scope of cultural management. Events also take spot, as an example, in the locations of sport, small business, in the leisure sector, for scientific purposes or as marketing and advertising and advertising instruments. For cultural management, students obtain skills within the locations of cultural research and cultural history, project management, general business and economics, finance and marketing, also as aspects of civil and labor law. Also, the basics of sociology and social psychology are taught. Communicative expertise, intercultural communication, conflict management and foreign language abilities (at least English) are also significant.

Additional technical abilities are expected as a part of event management. Event dramaturgy, lighting, audio and projection technology, IT and video technologies, as well as stage construction, security management and info and communication technologies are taught. That is supplemented by understanding of computer-aided design and drafting (CAD application). Students also find out to negotiate and sell.

Special areas of specialization are:

As a deepening of event and cultural management, sports management combines financial and sensible course content. The students are taught content material from the places of sports economics, sports management or sports tourism at the same time as the basics of fields similar to enterprise administration, mathematics or statistics. Education and movement theory, sports sociology and society as well as courses on sports law are also a part of the curriculum. In addition, priorities is usually set inside the path of sports marketing or sports media and journalism. At some universities, project research, sensible projects and / or (foreign) internships lasting several weeks are also planned, in which students can put their theoretical know-how into practice. To the courses.

In the event management specialization, anything revolves around the organizing and implementation of events. Students are taught the fundamentals of occasion management, event logistics and occasion advertising. Good emphasis can also be placed on home business management coaching, together with the financing and budgeting of events at the same time as specific legal knowledge getting of excellent significance. Also to substantial theoretical information, students also perform on their 1st projects and may obtain knowledge throughout (compulsory) internships as a way to prepare themselves for later professional practice. For the courses.